Current and Ongoing Projects (2006-Present)

For archival information and insights into projects completed from 1955 to 2005, please contact Dr. Mary Anders.


Tibetan Student Support: Tenzin Sumdowa, Poetry Book Tour
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Enjoy the Latest PDF and Two Videos from the Construction of the Nightingale Nursing Education Project in Siguatipeque, Honduras
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Ted Anders in Belize in a Training Project for 100 Teachers from Around the Country of Belize
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“The LifeLift Solutions Experience©” Leadership Development Seminars for Corporate, Community, and Government Leaders

Ted AndersDr. Ted Anders developed the LifeLift Solutions Experience and initiated the related “LoveLight Campaign” movement in 2013. The 4- hour experience is provided to individuals and large groups of any faith path; or those holding an agnostic or atheist perspective. However, the experience seems to be most powerful and insightful for those who welcome or allow the assistance of the Holy Spirit at essential moments of self reflection in the seminar.

The method and experience open each of us to the existence of our highest and best Selfthe True Masterful Self …the Self beyond the defensive ego we each built to manage and protect us from inherited and adopted family and societal pain. Indeed, the LifeLift Solutions Experience leads participants out of self-limiting beliefs into the experience of Self as the eternal unified consciousness which is experienced as an omniscient, omnipresent, radiant, field- of-infinite potential which has both the quality of Love and the nature of Light. The Christian community has historically referred to this experience as “the peace that passes all understanding.” Alternatively, this awareness space is often described in the “new age” community, possibly best elucidated by Eckhard Tolle, as “The Power of Now” in that place in which “Stillness Speaks.” Bhuddists often describe this space as the “radiant void.” Hindus refer to it as Nirvana. Whatever one feels most comfortable calling it, the important point is that one need not wait until physical death to awaken to it. This space/experience exists always within us/through us/as us and is the natural, loving, joyful creative essence of The Divine Pattern within each one of us. (For further insights, reference Dr. Ernest Holmes’ concepts presented in the book, “This Thing Called You.”)

Ted Anders in Belize, February 2018


Good morning from Belize! We are preparing today for an inspirational seminar with more than 100 teachers from around the country tomorrow. A highlight of yesterday’s tour of Belize City was visiting St. John’s College… A Jesuit school… which is still considered to be one of the best in the country.  What an interesting intertwining of our families’ educational service histories. Today, our team’s multi-generational history of making a positive impact on teachers’ ability to lift up students to their highest and best potential carries on.

The Nightingale Nursing Education Project in Siguatepeque, Honduras

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Introducing the Nightingale Nursing Education Project

Siguatepeque is a growing city in the central mountains of Honduras at the heart of Central America. The name for the city is the Indian name for “mount of beautiful women”.

Statistics for Honduras:
64.5% of households live under the poverty line.
41.1% of the population earn less than $1 (USD) a day.
83.1% of the population have no health insurance.

From this environment the Episcopal Reverend Vaike Madisson-Molina had a vision of addressing these needs with God’s love. Inspired by the life of Florence Nightingale, she became a nurse and started a nursing school.

The school was started on August 13th, 2011 (the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s death) with the slogan “Doing Good and Healing…” (Acts 10:38).

The school gives the opportunity to impoverished young village women, with an average 9th grade education, but great character and high motivation, the opportunity to learn much needed skills, serve the surrounding community and provide for their families.


First Presbyterian of Dunedin is a donor-partner in the construction and ongoing support of the nightingale nursing school and clinic in Honduras. Our deepest gratitude for their generosity.


February 2020 Dedication Ceremony for the Nightingale Nursing School Building

The new school during the C and M Lifeline dedication.


First Presbyterian. Church of Dunedin mission team — with their pastor Dr David Shelor in the left group (in black jacket), with Bishop Lloyd Allen in the center, and the school campus/church priest Rev. Fransisco Lone on the far right. Other mission team members and clergy are present in front of the Dana Beck Fancher Hall dedication plaque.


From left to right: Dr David Shelor (in black jacket), Bishop Lloyd Allen, the school campus/church priest Rev. Fransisco Lone, Dr. Ted Anders of C and M Lifeline.


The new plans for the replacement front gate to the campus… For security and beauty.


C and M LifeLine plaque.


Herb garden going in next to the outdoor pergola/café area.


The intensive final construction and landscape/grounds cleanup phase.


The newly constructed outdoor covered pergola and plaza café area.


Another shot of the new tile plaza Adjacent to the herb garden and the Pergola for the café area.


June 2019 Update to the Nightingale Nursing School Building

Members of the C and M Lifeline team, Dr. Ted Anders (president), and Carolina Batres (Project Coordinator) were just down in Honduras conducting meetings with personnel, advisors and well wishers of the Nightingale Nursing Education Project. Accompanying them was Victoria Deldago Elvir, the project’s architect and construction manager. Among the key people they met with was Bishop Lloyd Allen, Episcopal Diocese of Honduras.
Left to right: Bishop Allen, Dr. Ted Anders (C&M Lifeline President), Victoria Deldago Elvira (architect and construction manager), Carolina Batres (Project Coordinator).


Profile photo of the construction progress on the Nursing School.


New hygienic water supply installed and campus wide septic system completed with $32k Rotary Intl Foundation Grant.


Rev Vaike Madisson, Founder and Executive Director , Nightingale Nursing School ( left) observing the training for creation of re-usable monthly period kits for women. The kits are sold for income and for reduction of disposable waste in local landfills.




Nightingale School Graduates Made Presentations About Their New Careers to New School Board Chairwoman, Gracia Delgado Levallee.


Rev Vaike, Bishop Allen and Gracia Delgado Levallee conferring with Church Vestry Leader.


Visiting Gracias — Original Spanish Royal Court Center in the 1540s … Dr. Ted Anders with statue of Limpera, Honduran Native American Hero.


Dinner Gathering of. C and M Team Members: L-R: Gracia Delgado Levallee; Mrs. Edenia Delgado Elvir; Dr. Jose Delgado Elvir; Victoria Delgado Elvir Kawas, Dr. Ted Anders; Alfredo Kawas.


Members of C and M LifeLine Team with Bishop Allen Inspecting Progress on June 23 Team – Building Day; L – R : Dr. Jose Delgado Elvir, Medical Advisor; Bishop Lloyd Allen; Gracia Delgado Levallee, School Board Chairwoman; Rev. Vaike Madisson, Founder; Carolina Batres-Hammond, Project Coordinator; Background: Daniel Hammond, Representing The Katherine Hammond Fund – Major Donors to the Construction Project.


The Completed Septic System: Security Covers Installed.


June 23 School Board/Church Vestry and C and M LifeLine Project Facilitator Team Building Gathering and luncheon at Pacayal … Rev. Fransisco Lone led the closing prayers.


One of several new patient and student bathrooms.


Septic System Drain Field … to be covered in green lawn and flower garden areas along the fence line.


Engineer Carlos Talavera checking the correct septic system’s field disbursement function.


Engineer Inspecting Septic System Pumps and Electrical.


Testing Septic System.


Septic System Installation Spring 2019… Completed June 2019.


Laminate Ceilings Installed Throughout Ground Floor Facilities.


New Tile Flooring Throughout.


Interior Shot of Secured Pharmacy Area.


Waiting Area.


Invitation to The June 23 orientation to the new facilities … and luncheon at The Delgado – Elvir’s Lodge and Coffee Plantation, San Jose Del Pacayal.


Preparing Split Bamboo and Adobe Interior Walls as Part of Our Ecologically Sustainable Construction Methods Designed by Victoria Delgado Elvir.


Members of the St. Bartholomew Church Vestry Reviewing Construction Progress.









Architectural Renderings and Floor Plans for the Future Nightingale School

Click below to play the rendering video.









Level 1 school

Level 2 school

Poetry Book Tour with Tibetan Student Tenzin Sumdowa (aka Ten Phun), Author of Sweet Butter Tea

Sweet Butter Tea

Our latest C and M project is to serve as the agent for Tenzin Sumdowa (aka Ten Phun), a Tibetan refugee student in India whom one of our C and M colleagues, Gale Yarbrough, has been supporting in Dharamsala for the past 6 years—since our last intensive involvement there with The Tibetan Children’s Villages. He has now written a moving book of poetry entitled, Sweet Butter Tea, which we arranged to have published through Dr. Ted Ander’s publisher, Square1, in New York (Publisher: Rudy Shur). It will be published in February, 2017

Gale Yarbrough and Dr. Ted Anders are arranging a poetry reading book tour in the US for late March through April and we are sponsoring his travel and expenses through C and M LifeLine. Dr. Bonnie Cramond at University of Georgia has agreed to host him for several days and arrange for him to speak at the university.

We are looking for additional hosts for Ten Phun on his book tour and are hoping that well wishers who are connected to universities may be able to help in hosting him, or perhaps in arranging a full scholarship to attend a U.S. university.

Please give generously to support this worthwhile work and tour by a Tibetan refugee writer.


Donate to the Sweet Butter Tea, Tenzin Sumdowa Poetry Book Tour

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Fiji Villages Infrastructure Improvement and Poverty Alleviation

Guided by Nature’s Nurse International, Inc.

Breath of LifeC and M LifeLine, Inc. serves as the philanthropic arm of Nature’s Nurse International, Inc and Nature’s Nurse Fiji, Ltd. which are “sister” companies who create modern nutraceuticals in the USA from ancient Fijian traditional medical wisdom and natural botanicals. The companies provide resources through C and M LifeLine, Inc. to help the Fijian Ministry for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation to meet many of its goals in villages where the companies harvest medicinal botanicals. Under the direction of Resina Koroi and Semi Dromunasiga in Fiji, we have provided 30,000 disaster relief meals, installed water lines and wells to villages without fresh water supplies, and provided Bibles and other Christian youth education materials to village churches.













Peace-Building Guidance, Teacher Training, and Positive Youth Development: US, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Middle East

Dr. Charles Martin, Director of the Center for Educational Program Evaluation at Georgia College and State University and Dr. Ted Anders, President, C and M LifeLine, Inc., led a multi-year, intensive educational systems upgrade initiative for the Tibetan School System in Exile throughout India at the request of His Holiness, The Dalai Llama and his sister, Madame Jetsun Pema. The intensive phase occurred in 2009 and 2010; with ongoing informal teacher development continuing through the online guidance of Beverly Fisher and Jodie Cannon of Dunedin, Florida. Dr. Bonnie Crammond from UGA College of Education and Dr. Steven Dunn of Newman University, Wichita, KS were key project service providers; supported by Gale Yarbrough of Atlanta, Georgia and Dr. xyz at James Madison University in Virginia.

Peace-Building Education

Raping Miss LibertyDr. Ted Anders has been conducting peace-building seminars since his service as a volunteer teacher at the Friends Schools in Ramallah, Palestine in the 1970s. More recently, he has helped support the work of Nobel Peace Laureates and was a keynote speaker with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Betty Williams in Bali. Ted presented insights from his 2006 book, “Raping Miss Liberty… and Her Path to Recovery.” The book provides recommendations for a peaceful revolution by the middle and lower economic classes in the USA to claim their share of America’s economic wealth and opportunity.

Positive Youth Development

Dr. Anders is currently coordinating youth personal development seminars and related student support services for schools in Florida, Honduras, and Palestine. For details send inquiries to