• Let Love & Light Inspire and Guide Each of Us - “Join us as we provide LoveLight SOULutions™ to challenges around and world.“
  • Let Love & Light Inspire and Guide Each of Us - “Join us as we provide LoveLight SOULutions™ to challenges around and world.“
  • Let Love & Light Inspire and Guide Each of Us - “Join us as we provide LoveLight SOULutions™ to challenges around and world.“

C and M LifeLine, Inc. is now providing additional guidance services entitled:  LoveLight SOULutions™

You can find references and links to our Soulutions projects by clicking on the Projects tab on this site or review them directly on LoveLightSoulutions.org


Fall 2022: Watch Dr. Ted Ander’s Awaken AS Love Video


Winter 2022: New Project – The Lovelight Campaign for Central American Emigration Reduction Transforming Root Causes in the Northern Triangle

VISION for the LoveLight Campaign
To create and serve as the most effective inter-religious sacred and secular organizational force which coordinates and activates national, regional and global partners to steadily reduce irregular migration in the Northern Triangle of Central America… by supporting the security and integral development of these countries, based on the values of the Gospel and human rights.
Reduce irregular migration of nationals from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador through comprehensive care for migrants and potential migrants which includes implementation of: comprehensive tri-national social and economic development programs to prevent irregular migration; environmental restoration or adaptation of communities to climate change; implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); reduction of human trafficking and smuggling of migrants; contributing to public safety and sustainable security institutions. 

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Spring 2021: New Project – LifeLift Home Care & Community Wellness Services, LLC

Based on insights gained from the community advocacy nursing and home care support program we have supported in Honduras,  we are implementing a novel,  hybrid non-profit/for profit home care and community wellness service for mid-Florida region.  The non-profit component has received an exploratory program planning grant from the Dana Beck Fancher Foundation affiliated with the First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin, Florida, as well as an emergency Covid operating loan to sustain programming.  Updates will be posted in this with a 2021 year program status update. 

Spring 2021: Update – Nightingale Nursing School in Honduras


Winter 2020: Dedication Ceremony Images of Newly Finished Nightingale Nursing Education School in Siguatipeque, Honduras

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Summer 2019: Updates of Construction and Development Programs at the Nightingale Nursing Education Project in Siguatipeque, Honduras

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July 2018: Update – Nightingale Nursing School in Honduras

The Nightingale Nursing School just received a major grant from the Rotary Foundation to contribute to the funding of building a septic system for the school to help reduce waterborne diseases. The grant amount awarded is $32,381.

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Founding Partners

Rev. Charles Dean Anders , Inspirational Guide (deceased, August 16, 2015)
Mary E. Anders, Ed.D., Chairman

Celebrating 60 Years of service… assisting individuals and community agencies to create a world that works for everyone.

C & M LifeLine, Inc. acts in the lives of individuals, communities and organizations to help them:

  • recognize and understand the loving nature and power of their God-given potential
  •  gain the knowledge, skills, and resources to manifest their potential in practical, sustainable ways
  • make more productive choices regarding the use of personal, community, and natural resources
  • thrive while learning and improving


Mission Statement

Rev. Charles D. Anders, Founder (seated), Dr. Ted, Lori, Dr. Mary, and Becky.

Everyone is equal in God’s Heart, but every day many people encounter life’s experiences and/or family tragedies causing great stress emotionally, physically and/or spiritually. When the C and M Lifeline Board becomes aware of specific needs, we step in to provide needed funding and help alleviate the financial stress where otherwise there might be no other assistance.

C and M was created by its founders, Rev. Chuck and Dr. Mary, along with their family members Dr. Ted, Lori and Becky, to identify and support those who need this assistance. We also support and alert other Social Service organizations which can give immediate counsel and financial assistance.

In addition we encourage growth and development of ongoing educational structures which welcome positive change and assistance for their constituencies. We support the changes that will bring about a better life for these persons/families.


Rotary talk
From left: C and M Lifeline chairwoman Dr. Mary Anders, and Dr. Ted Anders, president, are coordinating international Rotary Club support with the guidance and assistance of the Flagler Beach Rotary Club. President of the Rotary Club Cindy Dalecki (middle) stands with other Rotary Club members to the right.

The Tegucigalpa Rotary Club and San Pedro Sula Rotary Club of Honduras have committed to work with our local Rotary on a global grant to bring additional funds and expertise for completion of the Nightingale school project.