The family histories of both Charles and Mary Anders, as well their own immediate family, can be characterized as being inspired and led by dedicated educators, health care providers, and Christian ministers…along with hard-working entrepreneurial business owners and multi-generational Mid-West farmers.

The family’s humanitarian service theme goes back 125 years to Rev. Andrew Jackson Stemen, preacher-teacher-farmer in Ohio. He guided our founder, Charles Anders, as a young boy, to appreciate the true joy and value of “serving others before self” and always seeking the wisdom of God’s guidance through the presence of the Holy Spirit in each one of us. The model of Christ’s unconditional loving service was held as the ideal. C and M LifeLine, Inc. is the living corporate legacy of the Anders-Rohn-Sullivan-Hiatt family values and service lineage.

The officers are:

  • Mary E. Anders, Ed.D.; Chairman
  • Ted D. Anders, Ph.D.; President
  • Lori B. Anders, Secretary
  • Rebecca S. Anders, Treasurer
  • Education Program Director, Charles E. Martin, Ph.D.
  • Medical Program Director, Jose A. Delgado-Elvir, M.D.
  • Honduran Nightingale Nursing Education Project Co-Director (with Dr. Delgado), Carolina Batres
  • Fiji Poverty Alleviation Co-Directors, Resina Koroi & Semi Dromunasiga