Previous Historical Projects and Need for a Non Profit Organization

Chuck and Mary (Rohn) Anders began their partnership of giving and serving others before their wedding day in 1955. Throughout their years together they inspired young high school and college students to become involved in serving others no matter their locations, ethnic backgrounds, or religions. EXAMPLES: used others talents from the Baptist Student Foundation on Ball State University Campus to raise funds, plan retreats, lead camping experiences and support families in need. Many of these youths chose a life of professional service as their vocations. Chuck and Mary continued serving others as their chldren were born and grew into adults and who continue the legacy of serving others.

In the early 1970’s, Chuck saw a need to provide a lavalier or wrist device that would be activated by elderly persons living alone who needed help from Emergency Medical Systems. This inspired him to allocate all the family funds he could to create C and M Lifeline, Inc. as a vehicle for developing such a device. Thus the Non Profit Corporation was established in 1972. Sadly, electronics were not available for such a contact at that time from a home to a fire station. Our family had no more funding. However we used the nonprofit corporation and personal funds through the years to continue our desire to “help those who were hurting”.


Projects Throughout the Decades

  • Florence Crittenden Homes for unwed mothers
  • Providing shelter and sustenance for homeless individuals and families
  • Assisting with clothes and funding for college education
  • Helping with mortgage payments
  • Providing vehicle transportation
  • Developing outdoor education camp experiences for middle school students. This later became a curriculum choice for Dekalb County, Ga. students. It is now a choice/curriculum statewide program, using the 4-H facilities in the state.
  • Developing church camps
  • Ted volunteer teaching in Quaker High Schools in Israel
  • Becky volunteering in a crippled children’s home in Bethlemen, Israel, living with two Swedish girls who were volunteering
  • Lori providing clothes and personal necessities for villages in Fiji
  • Chuck chosen as a minister to travel and give oversite and evaluations to the educational systems for Palestinian Children
  • Ted’s and Chuck’s deep concern for the intentional destruction of the American middle class and the rule of law expressed in a 50 year US retrospective entitled, Raping Miss Liberty: Her Path to Recovery
  • Providing sports equipment and uniforms for Rugby teams in Fiji and for under-privileged village children through donations to C and M Lifeline, Inc. from Appletree Foundation
  • Providing 30,000 meals for Fijian cyclone refugees with assistance from Ashville N.C. Rotary
  • Coordinated with the women of the First Baptist Church of Bunnell, Fla. to provide needed personal items for the women and children affected by the most resent Fijian cyclone
  • Provided handicapped equipment for needy persons
  • Circle of Care (babies through senior adults) providing day care
  • A chapel on the beach for those visitors who are non churched to have a place for meditation, rest and reflection (a dream not funded)
  • Many other “dreams” that were ideas of Chuck’s which could not be funded but were (are) still needed in many communities.