History, Mission and Objectives

The Nightingale Nursing Education Project in Siguatepeque, Honduras


Introducing Nightingale Nursing School Project

Siguatepeque is a growing city in the central mountains of Honduras at the heart of Central America. The name for the city is the Indian name for “mount of beautiful women”.

Statistics for Honduras:

  • 64.5% of households live under the poverty line.
  • 41.1% of the population earn less than $1 (USD) a day.
  • 83.1% of the population have no health insurance.

From this environment the Episcopal Reverend Vaike Madisson-Molina had a vision of addressing these needs with God’s love. Inspired by the life of Florence Nightingale, she became a nurse and started a nursing school.

The school was started on August 13th, 2011 (the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s death) with the slogan “Doing Good and Healing…” (Acts 10:38).

The school gives the opportunity to impoverished young village women, with an average 11th grade education, but great character and high motivation, the opportunity to learn much needed skills, serve the surrounding community and provide for their families.


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Winter 2024: Update, Nightingale Nursing School in Honduras 

Funds have been donated anonymously by members of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Luke in Orlando and the First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin to help fund an ongoing Student Recruitment Office and Program to ensure sustainability through student body expansion and inclusion of students who can pay a portion of the required tuition; with the balance being paid through partial scholarships from annual donations through C and M LifeLine.


Episcopal Cathedral of St. Luke in Orlando.


First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin.


Spring 2021: Update, Nightingale Nursing School in Honduras

  • The construction of the school and training medical and dental clinics is complete.
  • The campus landscaping is maturing.
  • We are currently gathering donations of money and equipment to launch the dental clinic in July.
  • We have launched a new work-study scholarship program in which the students will receive tuition and transportation assistance based on the hours they work to maintain the building and campus and surrounding grounds in the neighborhood.
  • We are launching a life skills and money management training program for the students. 


Architectural Renderings of the Nightingale School and Clinic by Architect Victoria Delgado

Front view: The expanded school and clinic sits to the left of the San Bartolome Episcopal Church. The emergencies and treatment area is on the first floor with a waiting room and a pharmacy.


Back view: The new Dana Beck Fancher Foundation Hall is in the foreground. This updates the original church hall, a gathering space for parishioners. The school is on the second floor with doctors and dentists offices, a lab, locker rooms, classrooms, offices, and a library.


First Presbyterian of Dunedin is a donor-partner in the construction and ongoing support of the Nightingale School and Clinic in Honduras. Our deepest gratitude for their generosity.

Interiors of the Nightingale Nursing School November 2020


Nightingale Nursing School and Clinic 

October 2020 Gallery


2020 Gallery



2020 Nightingale Nursing Students Doing Social Work Service


2019 Gallery