Winter 2024

Federation of Semitic States:  Mid East Proposed Peace Soulutions




The Federation of Semitic States:

An Economic, Security, Environmental  and Cultural “CommUnion” in The Levant

Founding Members:  Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon

with the support of Neighboring States, Other Altruistic Nations & NGOs

VISION:  A model multi-faith, multi-national sacred union of nation states with its headquarters in Jerusalem…which thrives on shared economic abundance,  cooperatively managed environmental resources, and the celebratory leverage of Semitic human capital for the greater good of the region and the world.

PURPOSE:  To establish and maintain sustained peace, health and joy for all citizens and invited guests of the founding and future member states of the Federation. 


  • Jews and Arabs are Semites who worship the same one God and are entitled to equal religious, legal and social standing within their respective member State and when subject to Federation legal institutions and systems.
  • Leaders in member states make all decisions which affect the Federation by applying the principle:  “We are One Cooperative, Monotheistic People with One Primary Purpose:  To create laws, systems, nations, a federation, and a world that work for everyone; and the planet on which we rely for sustenance and Life itself.”

SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES:   Resistant adherence to antiquated, unsubstantiated beliefs which divide and separate humans rather than causing and supporting unity, equity and fellowship among Semitic monotheistic neighbors. 

Part Two

Federation of Semitic States (FSS)

2024 Jerusalem Seminar and Press Conference

SAMPLE “Breakthrough” SOULutions:     

  • Establish a temporary FSS Planning Office in East Jerusalem where: The multi-national/multi-faith collegial staff will prepare a draft constitutional framework,  content, and implementation guide by reviewing “lessons learned” from the historical records related to the establishment of the EU, the 1st and 2nd iterations of the former Yugoslavia, the UAE, the USSR, the USA, Canada, etc.; along with an analysis of the methods used by Nobel Peace Laureates to achieve peaceful, equitable resolutions in other conflict areas in the world. Recommendations for the Federation Constitution, initial laws and regulations, as well as implementation methods and timeline will be presented to the member state parliaments and supportive NGOs for review, modification, and then adoption by each member state. Meaningful elements of implementation should be underway by the end of 2025. Meanwhile, the USA, Russia, Jordan, Israel, and China will prepare and provide coordinated security in the region via a special collaborative “ FSS Security Service.”
  • Several potential recommended Soulutions which could emerge for the greater good of all FSS citizens include:
    • Allocation of a substantial percentage of income to be derived from oil, gas and their derivatives obtained from the resources located in The West Bank, Gaza and surrounding environs (estimated by the UN to be worth at least $500,000,000,000) which will inure to the resident citizens of the FSS and certain expatriated current and former citizens.  Percentages, recipient categories and distribution methods will be recommended.   
    • Create enormous new economic growth and hydroelectric power sufficient to serve a substantial percentage of the electric power demands of Jerusalem, coastal metro- Tel Aviv, The West Bank, Gaza, Amman, Beirut and environs by building a canal and dam system from the Mediterranean Sea west to the Jordan Rift—where the water will drop 1800 feet through a turbine system to the level of the currently evaporating, shrinking Dead Sea.  The Mediterranean sea water will be used to partially flood the Jordan River/Dead Sea basin and create The Living Sea.  Seaports, fishing industry, watersports, tourism, seaside towns, next generation salt extraction industries, will all thrive.  Some resettlement will be required by communities currently located to the south on the shores of the Red Sea… essentially moving the towns to the newly defined seashore lines.  This entire initiative can be symbolic of bringing what was Dead to Life; The Living Sea. 

Part Three

Federation of Semitic States (FSS)

2024 Jerusalem Seminar and Press Conference

Additional SAMPLE “Breakthrough” SOULutions: 

  • Develop and enact an FSS Common Code of Civil Behavior, Public Attire and Behavioral Decency.
  • Apply Israeli modern agricultural technology, combined with wise traditional methods, throughout the Federation to bring “ the regional deserts” to life (except where ecosystem and wildlife health requires desert environments)
  • Establish a Federal Religious Relevance Commission (FRRC) to update the religious teachings of Christianity, Islam and Judaism to support human equality, equity, and peaceful fellowship.  (Eventually, these updates could lead to helpful guidance for inevitable inter-faith marriages when parents seek religious education tenets for their children in a pluralistic society and world. )
  • Establish FSS police and security services which ensure the safety and well being of all federation citizens and legal guests. Among the duties of these service men and women will be the provision of protection at the initial FSS Planning Office in East Jerusalem; and eventually at the FSS Capital Headquarters in East Jerusalem.
  • Education and Healthcare will be a funded right for all FSS citizens and certain legal guests. 
  • The majority of the military in each member state, and of the FSS, will be re-purposed and the funding allocated to education, healthcare, affordable housing and senior citizen support services.    The military organizations can remain in existence but will be instrumental in providing education, healthcare, ecosystem restoration, and infrastructure construction/engineering services for the sustainment of an economically prosperous and peaceful FSS.
  • China, The USA and Russia will jointly guarantee the security and freedom of the FSS and coordinate advice to the FSS elected leadership, police and security services accordingly.
  • There are many more creative breakthrough Soulutions to be generated, pondered and adopted.   For purposes of this document, let’s move on to Recommendations of the 2024 FSS Proposal Gathering and associated Press Conference / Press Release.

Part Four

Federation of Semitic States (FSS)

2024 Jerusalem Seminar and Press Conference

POTENTIAL RECOMMENDATIONS:    The participants of the conference recommend: Leaders of Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon, along with altruistically aligned States and NGOs,  immediately begin communicating about and formally considering: 

  • The initial description, mission, action timeline, chartered authorizations, and formation/operation logistics of an “FSS Exploratory Planning Commission;”
  • An initial budget for the commission;
  • Assignment of special envoys to serve on the Commission;
  • Direct communications access for envoys of the Commission to senior leaders of member States.



a) Sign below if you approve “conceptually” of the general ideas and intentions presented in this document;  while reserving the opportunity to make future modification recommendations:

______________________________________________        ______________

Signature and Title                                                                            Date


(Feel free to indicate, with your initials and a brief note anywhere on each of these four pages, the possible future modifications or additions you anticipate may be necessary.)

b) Please select “Yes” or “No” with regard to your potential interest in being a participant at the one day gathering and associated press conference in Jerusalem in mid-late 2024:   _______ Yes        _____ No

c) Please return a scanned copy of this signed and initialed document to:

Dr. Ted D Anders
Founder, The LoveLight SOULutions Initiative

c/o C and M LifeLine, Inc.  (a Florida-based non-profit 501 c 3 corporation)
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Fall 2022: Watch Dr. Ted Ander’s Awaken AS Love Video


C and M Lifeline is a Co-Sponsor/Partner of the New LoveLight Campaign for Central American Emigration Reduction: Transforming Root Causes in The Northern Triangle

With the guidance and support of Dr. Ted Anders, head of the C and M Lifeline nonprofit, a new nonprofit organization formed in November, 2021, in Central America with three other religious organizations in Central America to help reduce the irregular migration in the Northern Triangle region of Central America. The other three organizations are The Episcopal Church of Honduras, the Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador and The Episcopal Church of Guatemala.


One of the first developments of the project is the creation of the organization’s website promoting the project with a proclamation to be signed online, news and information on the project development and all the staff and volunteers involved, maps, special events and a donation page. Click here to go to the website.

VISION for the LoveLight Campaign

To create and serve as the most effective inter-religious sacred and secular organizational force which coordinates and activates national, regional and global partners to steadily reduce irregular migration in the Northern Triangle of Central America… by supporting the security and integral development of these countries, based on the values of the Gospel and human rights.


Reduce irregular migration of nationals from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador through comprehensive care for migrants and potential migrants which includes implementation of: comprehensive tri-national social and economic development programs to prevent irregular migration; environmental restoration or adaptation of communities to climate change; implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); reduction of human trafficking and smuggling of migrants; contributing to public safety and sustainable security institutions.

Eliminating the 5 root causes of desperate migration:

        • Violence/lack of security;
        • Joblessness/endemic inescapable poverty;
        • Corruption (i.e. mis-direction of allocated funds which could resolve causes 1, 2, 4 and 5);
        • Climate change damage — inadequate food and water supplies;
        • Lack of education access.


Current and Ongoing Projects (2006-Present)

For archival information and insights into projects completed from 1955 to 2005, please contact Ted Anders at


The Nightingale Nursing Education Project in Siguatepeque, Honduras

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“The LifeLift Solutions Experience©” Leadership Development Seminars for Corporate, Community, and Government Leaders



Ted AndersDr. Ted Anders developed the LifeLift Solutions Experience and initiated the related “LoveLight Campaign” movement in 2013. The 4- hour experience is provided to individuals and large groups of any faith path; or those holding an agnostic or atheist perspective. However, the experience seems to be most powerful and insightful for those who welcome or allow the assistance of the Holy Spirit at essential moments of self reflection in the seminar.

The method and experience open each of us to the existence of our highest and best Selfthe True Masterful Self …the Self beyond the defensive ego we each built to manage and protect us from inherited and adopted family and societal pain. Indeed, the LifeLift Solutions Experience leads participants out of self-limiting beliefs into the experience of Self as the eternal unified consciousness which is experienced as an omniscient, omnipresent, radiant, field- of-infinite potential which has both the quality of Love and the nature of Light. The Christian community has historically referred to this experience as “the peace that passes all understanding.” Alternatively, this awareness space is often described in the “new age” community, possibly best elucidated by Eckhard Tolle, as “The Power of Now” in that place in which “Stillness Speaks.” Bhuddists often describe this space as the “radiant void.” Hindus refer to it as Nirvana. Whatever one feels most comfortable calling it, the important point is that one need not wait until physical death to awaken to it. This space/experience exists always within us/through us/as us and is the natural, loving, joyful creative essence of The Divine Pattern within each one of us. (For further insights, reference Dr. Ernest Holmes’ concepts presented in the book, “This Thing Called You.”)


Ted Anders in Belize, February 2018


Good morning from Belize! We are preparing today for an inspirational seminar with more than 100 teachers from around the country tomorrow. A highlight of yesterday’s tour of Belize City was visiting St. John’s College… A Jesuit school… which is still considered to be one of the best in the country.  What an interesting intertwining of our families’ educational service histories. Today, our team’s multi-generational history of making a positive impact on teachers’ ability to lift up students to their highest and best potential carries on.


Poetry Book Tour with Tibetan Student Tenzin Sumdowa (aka Ten Phun), Author of Sweet Butter Tea

Sweet Butter Tea

Our latest C and M project is to serve as the agent for Tenzin Sumdowa (aka Ten Phun), a Tibetan refugee student in India whom one of our C and M colleagues, Gale Yarbrough, has been supporting in Dharamsala for the past 6 years—since our last intensive involvement there with The Tibetan Children’s Villages. He has now written a moving book of poetry entitled, Sweet Butter Tea, which we arranged to have published through Dr. Ted Ander’s publisher, Square1, in New York (Publisher: Rudy Shur). It will be published in February, 2017

Gale Yarbrough and Dr. Ted Anders are arranging a poetry reading book tour in the US for late March through April and we are sponsoring his travel and expenses through C and M LifeLine. Dr. Bonnie Cramond at University of Georgia has agreed to host him for several days and arrange for him to speak at the university.

We are looking for additional hosts for Ten Phun on his book tour and are hoping that well wishers who are connected to universities may be able to help in hosting him, or perhaps in arranging a full scholarship to attend a U.S. university.

Please give generously to support this worthwhile work and tour by a Tibetan refugee writer.


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Fiji Villages Infrastructure Improvement and Poverty Alleviation

Guided by Nature’s Nurse International, Inc.

Breath of LifeC and M LifeLine, Inc. serves as the philanthropic arm of Nature’s Nurse International, Inc and Nature’s Nurse Fiji, Ltd. which are “sister” companies who create modern nutraceuticals in the USA from ancient Fijian traditional medical wisdom and natural botanicals. The companies provide resources through C and M LifeLine, Inc. to help the Fijian Ministry for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation to meet many of its goals in villages where the companies harvest medicinal botanicals. Under the direction of Resina Koroi and Semi Dromunasiga in Fiji, we have provided 30,000 disaster relief meals, installed water lines and wells to villages without fresh water supplies, and provided Bibles and other Christian youth education materials to village churches.




Dr. Ted Anders and Resina Koroi, co-founders of Nature’s Nurse, inspecting the sales of Fijian herbal medicines, the sales of which help alleviate the poverty of women in coastal villages.


Women harvesting medicinal botanicals.


Dr Anders discussing village improvements: fresh water wells and water lines.


Medicinal botanicals harvest team — sales lead to philanthropic funding for the villagers.


Resina Koroi on a visit to coastal villages where C and M LifeLine helps provide infrastructure improvements in Fiji.








Peace-Building Guidance, Teacher Training, and Positive Youth Development: US, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Middle East

Dr. Charles Martin, Director of the Center for Educational Program Evaluation at Georgia College and State University and Dr. Ted Anders, President, C and M LifeLine, Inc., led a multi-year, intensive educational systems upgrade initiative for the Tibetan School System in Exile throughout India at the request of His Holiness, The Dalai Llama and his sister, Madame Jetsun Pema. The intensive phase occurred in 2009 and 2010; with ongoing informal teacher development continuing through the online guidance of Beverly Fisher and Jodie Cannon of Dunedin, Florida. Dr. Bonnie Crammond from UGA College of Education and Dr. Steven Dunn of Newman University, Wichita, KS were key project service providers; supported by Gale Yarbrough of Atlanta, Georgia and Dr. xyz at James Madison University in Virginia.


Peace-Building Education

Raping Miss LibertyDr. Ted Anders has been conducting peace-building seminars since his service as a volunteer teacher at the Friends Schools in Ramallah, Palestine in the 1970s. More recently, he has helped support the work of Nobel Peace Laureates and was a keynote speaker with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Betty Williams in Bali. Ted presented insights from his 2006 book, “Raping Miss Liberty… and Her Path to Recovery.” The book provides recommendations for a peaceful revolution by the middle and lower economic classes in the USA to claim their share of America’s economic wealth and opportunity.


Positive Youth Development

Dr. Anders is currently coordinating youth personal development seminars and related student support services for schools in Florida, Honduras, and Palestine. For details send inquiries to